“Believe it or not, some of us have piercings and tattoos and dye our hair because we think it looks pretty, not for any deep sociological reason. This isn't an act of protest against cultural or social repression. It's not a grand, deliberately defiant gesture against capitalists or feminists or any other social group. It's not even the fashion equivalent to sticking two fingers up at the world. The boring truth of it, Gabriel, is that I don't dress like this to hurt my parents or draw attention to myself or make a statement. I just do it because I think it looks nice. Disappointed?”

Alex Bell


Chromatics Pay Tribute To David Lynch's "Blue Velvet" & The Legendary Julee Cruise
Directed By Rene & Radka
Filmed In Los Angeles February 14 2016


we can still run away

there are rooftops to climb. crypts to hide in. old trees to embrace. we still have the energy to run away. be wild as we used to be. wild things go crazy when they have to live in a cage.
i always used to say that one day i’ll run away.
will i?
WILL I????
my heart is breaking right now

lila on tumblr, late night. sleepless.


You were so near death that ghosts crowded around you, weeping silver tears, waiting for you with such smiles

 Catherynne M. Valente